Refund and Cancellation Policy

Hotel Booking Cancellation Policy

At Babul Hotel, we understand that plans can change unexpectedly. To accommodate these changes while maintaining our commitment to providing exceptional service, we have established the following cancellation policy. Please review the details carefully to ensure a smooth experience.

General Cancellation Policy

  1. Cancellation Period:
    • Guests may cancel their reservation at any time prior to their scheduled check-in date.
  2. No Refunds:
    • We do not offer refunds for cancellations. Instead, the amount paid for the booking will be fully adjustable towards a future booking at our hotel.
  3. Adjustment Credit:
    • Upon cancellation, guests will receive a credit equivalent to the amount paid, which can be applied to a future booking within 12 months from the original check-in date.

Procedure for Adjusting the Booking

  1. Credit Issuance:
    • When a reservation is cancelled, the guest will receive a confirmation email detailing the credit amount and instructions for using this credit towards a future stay.
  2. Future Booking:
    • To use the credit, guests must contact our reservations team directly and mention their credit reference number. The credit can be applied to any booking made within 12 months of the original check-in date.
  3. Booking Modifications:
    • If the future booking amount exceeds the credit value, guests are required to pay the difference. If the future booking amount is less than the credit value, the remaining balance can be used for another booking within the same 12-month period.

Group Bookings (5 or more rooms)

  1. Cancellation Period:
    • Group reservations can be cancelled at any time. The total amount paid will be issued as a credit.
  2. Credit Usage:
    • The credit received from a group booking cancellation must be used within 12 months and can be applied to future group or individual bookings.

Special Event Dates and Peak Seasons

  1. Extended Credit Validity:
    • For cancellations during peak seasons and special event dates, the credit will be valid for 18 months from the original check-in date.
  2. Applying Credits:
    • Credits from peak season cancellations can be applied to any future stay, subject to availability and prevailing rates.

Early Departures

  1. Credit for Early Departure:
    • Guests who check out earlier than their scheduled departure date will receive a credit for the unused nights. This credit can be applied to a future booking within 12 months.

Conditions and Limitations

  1. Non-Transferable:
    • Credits issued are non-transferable and can only be used by the guest who made the original booking.
  2. Expiration:
    • Credits not used within the specified validity period (12 or 18 months) will expire and cannot be reissued or refunded.
  3. Special Considerations:
    • In exceptional cases such as medical emergencies or natural disasters, we may extend the validity of the credit upon request and appropriate documentation.

Contact Information

For any questions or to use your booking credit, please contact our reservations team at +91 8697738666/8697738667 or We are here to assist you with your future travel plans and ensure you have a pleasant experience at Babul Hotel.